As I have always wanted to own a Bed and Breakfast but have never gotten the opportunity, I have used that inspiration in other ways. By trying to make my family and friends feel as if they are staying in a B&B when they visit my home, I’ve been able to learn a lot over the years and it has truly been a great joy. Arlon, my husband of 38 eight years and I have always loved having people in our home and have enjoyed sharing the joys hosting for nearly four decades.

One of my most beloved hobbies is undoubtedly cooking. Being born and raised in south Louisiana has also greatly influenced me and I love incorporating Louisiana traditions and recipes into my life and menus. Over the years I have mostly self-taught myself to cook what I would consider mostly “home-style” cuisine. In fact, when I first got married I knew how to cook only one dish, spaghetti and meatballs taught to me by my college roommate’s Italian father. Since those early years I have experimented on Arlon many, many times and usually he does not complain…much. One thing I really like to do is take a recipe and change it in many various ways to what I think would taste better, thus adapting it into my own recipe for my family and I.

Thank you for visiting my blog to get ideas on new recipes and how to make your guests feel special while in your home. God tells us in 1 Peter that “we are to offer hospitality to one another without grumbling”. So go ahead and invite those into your home who need to be feed, loved, and accepted as they are. Maybe one day will have your own little unofficial B&B!


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